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April is National Distracted Month

Hey Arkansas, are teens getting the message about texting & driving? No, they are not. Surveys suggest teens understand the dangers of drinking & driving but not texting and driving. This category of drivers is very important because auto crashes are the leading killer of teens. Teens between the ages of 16-18 have 4 times as many crashes as adults, ages 25-65. Only 1 in 3 believes that texting while driving could lead to a fatal crash.

What can we do? Education, Education and more Education. Since, April is National Distracted Driving Month, parents need to spend more time teaching teens about safe driving. Don’t stop when your teen has a driver’s license. This the time of year for proms and graduations. We want our teens to have a good time and arrive safe. For more information, check out www.distraction.gov.