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Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Gary Eubanks by ATLA

The following is an excerpt of the award presentation speech to introduce Gary Eubanks…

“The ATLA Lifetime Achievement Award is given in recognition, memory and honor of the late United States District Judge Henry Woods and his many contributions, and a lifetime of dedicated service to the civil justice system, the legal profession and to ATLA.

“It is intended to be a very special award that is not necessarily presented each year. It is meant to recognize a lawyer who has devoted his or her career to helping injured victims and consumers, and has championed the causes of those who lack the money, education or the ability to protect their own rights.

“This year’s recipient, Gary Eubanks, has exceeded these qualifications in every way.  His life has been a complete demonstration of helping others no matter the cost. Gary Eubanks has been instrumental in helping Arkansans for over 50 years. He graduated from North Little Rock High School in 1951, and from 1952-1954 he served as a Naval Reservist in the Naval Submarine Service during the Korean War.  To this day, he regards every single case with equal care and will do whatever it takes to help every client get justice regardless of their social or financial position. He grew up with very little means, but did not let that hold him back.  After fighting his way through law school, his passion for helping folks who’ve been oppressed due to their skin color, financial means, education, or social status has served to protect countless Arkansans.  He still gets infuriated when he hears of someone being taken advantage of by an individual or corporation with superior bargaining power.  He’s tried over 500 jury trials in an effort to advance the cause of the every man or woman. He was the first to advertise on television and, the first to use a contingency fee contract in Arkansas, truly pioneering the advancement of plaintiff’s attorneys.

“His efforts to do good are not just limited to tending to his clients, though.  He was an Arkansas State Representative from 1963 to 1966, winning the election with 347 out of 350 votes in Sherwood.  He has been a member of or is a member of the Pulaski County Bar Association, the American Bar Association, ATLA, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, President of the Pulaski County Young Democrats in 1961, vice president of the Arkansas Young Democrats Club Organization, has served as Special Judge in Circuit Court on numerous occasions, Southern Trial Lawyers Association, and the list goes on and on!  In 2002, he founded a charitable organization called “the Gary L. Eubanks Charitable Foundation, Inc,” which has awarded scholarships to single parents to help them achieve a higher education that would not be able to afford to go to college if not for his assistance.  Also, he received the highest possible peer review rating, “AV”  from Martindale Hubbell.”